Therapeutic Intense Pulsed Light treatment

Therapeutic Intense Pulsed Light treatment

Have you ever thought about the rate at which technological innovations are sprouting up in recent times? Yet, among these vast and impactful technological innovations, Intense Pulsed Light (otherwise known as IPL) stands out.

Our ISC Shiny IPL uses a high tech approach for treatments that help with healing or rejuvenating the skin and targets issues that range from hyperpigmentation to sun damage, birthmarks, freckles, vascular lesions, hair removal among many others.

The ISC Shiny efficiently removes unwanted hair by harnessing light to combat the hair follicle, thereby breaking down of the dark pigment known as melanin. This process ensures permanent hair reduction.

Procedures Using IPL:

Procedures that use the ISC Shiny IPL require a trained professional moving the hand-piece repeatedly against the targeted portions of the skin, while making sure the light flashes directly on them. Treatment areas may include the forehead, chin, chest, back, jaw, cheeks, and more. All this with only minor discomfort. Simple process, right?

IPL Applications:

It is important to know that IPL holds the potential to treat an array of issues like:

  • Vascular skin lesions: IPL is especially designed to help with vascular birthmarks and vascular lesions by destroying the red pigment in the blood through heat without compromising the skin’s integrity.
  • Pigmented skin lesions: IPL is effective in the treatment of freckles, spots, sun damage, birthmarks, and pigmented skin as well as various other forms of discoloration.
  • Hair removal: IPL removes unwanted hair by directing pulsed light on the hair follicle, making them fall out in the process and preventing further hair growth on selected areas such as the legs, face, neck, back, chest, and more.

Our IPL device offers all-in-one versatility to offer highly individualized treatments. Operators can use the rotating filter feature to choose wavelengths settings that cover a spectrum between 415nm to 1200nm. However, the 755nm ALEX light is exceptionally efficient for the removal of thin, thick, light, and dark hair types. In addition, our ISC Shiny IPL device has the capacity to induce only minor discomfort during treatments, is faster and more efficient than the competitors, is rust and waterproof, and integrates a controllable cooling system to minimize pain and reduce unnecessary damage. Not to mention, our ISC Shiny IPL it’s practically maintenance free! It’s easy to understand why Intense Pulsed Light has become a hit at aesthetic offices around the world. It is, however, necessary for those interested in receiving Intense Pulsed Light treatments to allow only qualified practitioners to perform it on them; likewise, those with health conditions should also seek professional and medical advice before deciding that IPL treatments are right for them.

Video about Shiny IPL

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