Face Derme Roller – Aesthetic Professionals – 0.5 mm – 540 needles (10 units)

The ISC Derme Roller™ is your perfect ally in mesotherapy treatments !

The ISC Derme Roller™a roller with microneedles, which are finer than a single strand of hair. It is a revolutionary device that helps the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin.

When these microneedles pass along the surface of the skin they open small channels, which improve the cosmetic and mesotherapeutic products absorption. Furthermore, these microneedles stimulate the bottom layer of the skin, which uses its own collagen to fill and smooth out wrinkles and scars.

The ISC Derme Roller™ increases between 200 and 1.000 times the absorption rate of the active ingredients, considerably increasing the effectiveness of topical use products. It’s easy to use, can be used for any type of skin, costs less than other treatments, increase the skin’s collagen levels without damaging it and which requires no downtime.

Due to this, the ISC Derme Roller™ is the perfect ally for the application of our serums mesotherapeutic products.

Please see applicable laws and regulations in your state and/or country

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The ISC Derme Roller | Your perfect ally in mesotherapy treatments !

0.5 mm micro-needle system – Pack of 10

Used to improve the absorption of active ingredients into the skin and increase collagen levels. Easy to use, all skin types indicated.

Please see applicable laws and regulations in your state and/or country


  • 0.5 mm micro-needle system
  • 540 titanium needles


  • ACNE
Additional Information
Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 6.6 × 2 × 1.6 in