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Our snail filtrate is enriched with a hydro-glycolic complex formula containing several active plant ingredients. This innovative cream contains 55% snail secretion extract. Stargazer lily brings a novel, innovative mechanism of action which significantly diminishes the size and pigmentation of brown spots by up to 63.4% after 42 days of application (clinical trials).

These include age-related spots on the face and the back of the hands, those related to excess sun exposure (brown spots), hyperpigmentation (freckles), and melasma (‘the mask of pregnancy’). This cream evens out the complexion and protects skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Golden seaweed significantly reduces the occurrence of UV-induced inflammation, whilst protecting the skin from pollution (exhaust fumes, chemical molecules, etc.), thanks to «multi-action», anti-oxidizing, anti-free radical activity, which reduces wrinkle depth..

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