Caring For the Skin After Dermatological Procedures — Laser Treatment, IPL and Microneedling

Caring For the Skin After Dermatological Procedures — Laser Treatment, IPL and Microneedling

Done with your laser or micro-needling treatment? There’s no doubt that you’re thrilled with how beautiful your skin is going to look in few weeks. No more acne, scars or wrinkles — what could be better?

Now, the big question is, “what needs to be done after the treatment?”

Regardless of whether you underwent a laser tx, micro needling tx or any other skin treatment, you need to ask your doctor to recommend some safe use-at-home products to keep unpleasant side effects at bay.

In other words, it’s critical to adopt good skin care routine following such treatments and procedures — doing this is essential for great results, and that’s what matters. Following the right daily routine can help prevent side effects like swelling, redness or inflammation. For the most part, the use-at-home products should work with your treatment to make your skin look as beautiful and healthy as can be.

So What Are the Essential Components of Post Treatment Skin Care?

There are actually three important things you need to do after any dermatological treatment or procedure.

  • It’s critical to keep the skin clean, ensuring that all skin secretions and debris are properly removed.
  • The skin must be kept moist with a high-quality topical cream or ointment.
  • Sunblock is critical if you’re going under the sun — this is essential for the new skin.

The Best Products for Your Daily Routine

The very first thing you should know is that

you’re unlikely to see great results if you fail to follow a daily routine with the right products. The good news is, we have the perfect product combination that’s sure to work great on your skin post-treatment. We recommend you follow the three steps daily routine every morning and night for excellent results.

  • Start your daily cleaning with our BCN pH5 cleanser, a foam cleanser which is extremely gentle on the skin. The cleanser removes impurities accumulated on the skin and sure to eliminate debris and secretions following dermatological treatments. Our BCN cleanser should be your go-to before and after peeling treatments — it balances skin pH without modifying its permeability, and that’s precisely what it needs.
  • Follow up with MesoVita, a potent antioxidant that’s incredibly rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acids. This nourishing vitamin cream promotes cell renewal which is especially important after skin procedures including laser, IPL, and micro needling. Moreover, MesoVita tightens loose skin and banish wrinkles, making it a win-win for you.
  • Finally, our BCN MesoAge is the ultimate Hyaluronic treatment that retains moisture in the skin and inhibits trans-epidermal water loss. Remember, it’s crucial to keep the skin moist and hydrated after dermatological procedures, and our indispensable formula is sure to work wonders! You’ll also be glad to know that this product is suitable for all skin types including allergy-prone skin.-

You Should Get Our BCN Solar SPF 50!

There’s a good chance of heading out to get a thing or two after the treatment, and you wouldn’t want to step out without slathering sunscreen on your delicate skin. As expected, our BCN Solar shields your skin against harmful UV rays thereby cutting down the risk of early aging, hyperpigmentation, and cellular damages. It also inhibits and repair damages caused by solar aggression and protects the skin from oxidative stress.

These are just about everything you need to keep your skin beautiful and healthy after any dermatological procedure. In a nutshell — always keep your skin clean and moisturized, and never forget to slather on sunscreen when going out on a sunny day. Stay beautiful!


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